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:iconsayhiplz: Thank you guys for the watches, favs, and llama love.
Love ya!:iconfoxbaibaiplz:
Find the Easter Egg! :iconpokemonegg-plz:
:iconllamatruckplz:LLAMA 4 LLAMA:iconllamatruckplz:
It's only llama courtesy! :hug:

USA Flag by mysage Mexico Stamp by phantom Japan Stamp by phantom Pen + Paper Stamp by Mirz123 I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAI I Support Pit Bulls stamp by zelos22 No Flirt Stamp by mediodia91 I don't watch Cartoons! by mediodia91 Kratos stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Assassin's Creed stamp by AHMED-ART :thumb245227639: I'm Copyright Protected by NewYorkKid618 Disney Hercules + Meg Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Pocahontas Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Jasmine + Rajah Stamp by TwilightProwler Natalia Kills by mediodia91 Deku by mediodia91 Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness...Hell girl by mediodia91 Skull kid by mediodia91 Sora by mediodia91 Cat's Eyes Stamp by TwilightProwler The Gospel Truth by mediodia91 Bubble Bobble by mediodia91 Ivy Levan- Hot Damn by mediodia91 Stand Up To Bullying by mediodia91

Worlds wish list: (No particular order)

1. :iconpocahontasplz: Pocahontas- I think it would be awesome if they did something like Sora jumping off the waterfall or something like that. :-) Ooh! And have Colors of The Wind Aero attack!! :iconmonkeycuteplz:

2. :iconwreckitralphplz: Wreck it Ralph :iconvanellope-plz:- Kay; I know everyone's gonna talk about copyrights but if there is anybody that CAN do this it's square enix. Just found out that Disney has a Pacman tv show(haven't watched it; looks okay); so there could be Fix it Felix, Pacman, Hero's Duty, and Sugar Rush. Not bad; I think! Heartless Cy-Bugs?! YES! Plus; I can not let the inception concept go to waste!!! :iconnerdmonkeyplz:

3. Pirates of the Caribbean- I liked Pirates of the Caribbean in KH1; *BUT* the only way I'd like it to come back is if they "dirtied" up Sora and the gang for the world. Like how Riku was in Halloween Town in ReChain of Memories. They stuck out like sore thumbs in KH2!! Aesthetically unappealing. Other than that; I would *LOVE* to fight a kraken and Davy Jones!!! <3

4. :iconesmeralda-plz: Hunchback of Notre Dame- MAIN PLATFORM PLEASE (I haven't played DDD)

5. :iconnemoplz:Finding Nemo- Not sure how they would pull that off but if they can make a duck an octopus and a dog a turtle; I'm sure they can pull that off! Just turn them to fish! ;-) Sora as Puffer Fish by mediodia91I don't own ANY of these images above. The puffer fish is from TurboSquid and the rest is property of Disney, Pixar, and Square Enix. Love them. No copyright infringement intended at all. <3
started this photo mash-up as a JOKE. Wondering what kind of fish Sora could be, and what he might VAGUELY look like.... I didn't think I would actually LIKE it-lol. It did come out kinda cool actually! 

6. :iconwall-eplz:Wall-E - I'm not sure how they would set that up but the world would probably be the same format as Neverland was. Ship on one side of the world and ''earth'' on the other side..?idk

7. Peter Pan/Neverland- Why again? Because Sora HAS to take Kairi! Plus; who doesn't want to fly?:icondw817tinkerbell1plz:

8. :iconichabodplz:Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad- Really I just want he Ichabod part-lol. Love to see Sleepy Hallow and the Headless Horseman-hehehe... :-) :iconhappypumpkinplz:

9. Toy Story:iconbuzzrapefaceplz::iconwoodycameplz: Sora, Goofy, and Donald could be toy figurines!! Be able to go to Pizza Planet?! :icontoyalienplz: Yes!  :iconmonkeyclap:

Fantasia or at least some more bits of Fantasia- I liked having the Bald Mountain boss, Chernabog (bring him back^_^),  and Yen Sid but I think it would be cool to have more like Sora messing with Yen Sid's hat. ;-) :iconkingmickeyplz:

11. Frozen- I loved the movie but the only way I think I would like it in KH3 is if I could be Riku during it. :iconrikualrightplz: :iconmonkeyclap:

12. :iconliloplz:Lilo and Stitch- I've played BBS; liked it-not loved-but liked. By now I Stitch has made it to Hawaii-lol. It would be sweet if Sora surfed! Or you know what; if you had to find AND capture experiments in other worlds!! Kind of like the dalmatians but you have to fight them. ^-^ :iconstitchplz1:

13. Wonderland- Because no offence to the KH1 staff but it felt like they cheaped out on it the 1st time around... I mean WALLPAPER?!? Seriously; it could have been WAY better. : /:iconaliceinwonderlandplz: I personally don't care if it's the Tim Burton one or the classic again. I just like Wonderland! :iconhowamazingplz:

14. Frankenweenie

15. :iconstarwarsplz: STAR WARS- :iconmonkeywhoopsplz: Before anyone bust my chops about why THE Star Wars would be even affiliated with ''cheesy kingdom hearts''- hear me out. I would not be mad about about Star Wars in KH franchise.... Later on! I don't think it would work in KH3; they would jump the gun *BIG TIME*! Sora needs to *GROW UP* first; then yeah. Can't deny that I wouldn't *love* to summon Yoda or add R2D2 to my gummy ship *BUT* I don't want a 3PO Goofy or an R2D2 Donald-no! I think Sora needs to do some major *growing up* first; maybe something happens and toughens him up(?).

When it *DOES* happen:
You're in route by gummi ship to another world when all of a sudden you're being shot at by all angles by enemy starships and then you see Death Star. Queue trench run! YAY, trench run!! :-D 
On a more serious note, Yoda could teach you ''the force''(graviga?) and what if you could summon Yoda??:iconjediyodaplz: That would be awesome! Maybe you could even add R2D2 to your gummi ship and for every hit you took R2D2 repaired 20% of the damage.:iconr2d2plz: Can you imagine the keyblade, too?:iconmasteryodaplz: A light saber keyblade?! Too amazing for words-lol. Hey, it would be cool to see Jabba the Hutt :iconjabbathehutplz:and fight Darth Vader:icondarthvaderplz:! =-O 

:iconmonkeybombplz:*MIND IS BLOWN*:iconsupermindblownplz2:


The Gargoyles- It would be pretty sweet if in KH3 the Gargoyles would make an appearance. Maybe not in their own world but in Radiant Garden? Aesthetically it would work! Summon Goliath? That would be AWESOME!! MAJOR want! 
:iconyoyopleaseplz: Please! :iconyoyopleaseplz:

:icondarkwingduckplz: Darkwing Duck- To be able to summon Darkwing Duck!! Maybe he'll be in Toontown? Who knows! :iconwant--plz:

The Avengers, Captain America's shield- For Goofy!! I'm not into the Avengers being *in* KH3 but I think it would be awesome to have sort of an Easter egg of some sort. 

 Yoda- Said that one before. (^_^; ) :iconyodaplz:

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